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Ultrasonic Development Services

  • Application & Technical Consulting
  • Equipment Development
  • Process Development
  • Custom Systems Integration
Application & Technical Consulting

For complex system development we provide application and technical consulting covering all aspects of power ultrasonic system hardware and control. Our areas of interest include applications in:

  • Special Reaction Chamber Designs: high volume processing, hazardous chemicals, inline systems.
  • Food Processing: extraction, extrusion, mixing, powder making, cutting, pipe cleaning, sterilization.
  • Pharmaceutical Processing: powder production, tablet coating, extraction.
  • Metallurgical Sonochemical Systems: precious metal recycling, precious metal recovery.
  • Metal Processing: forming, extrusion, continuous casting, mixing, alloying, powders production.
  • Inline filter cleaning and sieving.
  • Very Large Reaction Chamber Processing: adapting ultrasonics to large processing tanks and thick walled tanks.
  • Cleaning Systems: special applications, standard systems.
  • Supercritical carbon dioxide, SCCO2, cleaning in liquid CO2.
ultrasonic flow-thrugh chamber
Equipment Development

Active Ultrasonics has all the necessary expertise to quickly develop new ultrasonic components that may be required to address special applications. This flexibility starts with the ultrasonic generator and includes the transducer, sonotrode, and reaction chamber. Due to the flexible nature of our components much of our equipment development has focused on mechanical designs that combine our transducer technology to special reaction chambers or existing client systems.

  • Ultrasonic Generator Power Supplies:
    • Custom Frequency
    • Any Power Range
  • Bolted Langevin Transducers:
    • Welding, Cleaning, Special Purpose
    • Custom designs start with Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
    • Custom Frequency
    • Any Power Range
  • Boosters, Probes, and Sonotrodes:
    • Custom designs start with Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
ultrasonic power supply bolted Langevin transducer
Process Development

We offer advanced process development in a collaboration with our clients. Combining our understanding of the ultrasonic process with your product and production process is often the most efficient path to a successful development. If a new turn-key process is required we may also draw on our network of university research specialists.

ultrasonic flow-thrugh chamber
Custom Systems Integration

Based on client specification we will assemble and construct all necessary ultrasonics components to provide a complete and controllable system. Our integration contribution may be limited to delivering just the ultrasonic components or may include a turn-key system for delivery to the client’s factory floor.

SCCO2 cleaning chamber
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