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Single Frequency Ultrasonic Generators

Single Frequency Ultrasonic Generators

This family of single frequency ultrasonic generators are using the most advanced digital design on the market. Their ability to adjust to frequency shifts due to load variations while maintaining a stable amplitude make them the most robust and stable welding generators available. The complete feature set also makes them very efficient for cleaning and general purpose applications.

Key Features

  • Digital Frequency Generation
    • Highly stable frequency and amplitude power control unobtainable from traditional analog designs.
    • Eliminates effect of component and voltageĀ  variations
  • Removable Front Panel Option
    • up to 50 meter cable length allows convenient operation control away from the power unit or mounting on an OEM machine.
    • Optional radio link for true remote control.
    • A multifunctional gateway interface also allows connection via Interbus, Profibus, CAN-Bus, and Ethernet.
  • Digital Safety Systems
    • Power semiconductor protection from short circuit.
    • Programmable soft-start provides gradual vibration start-up to protect transducer and sonotrode from transient effects, especially in welding applications.
  • New Intelligent Cooling System
    • To reduce fouling from dust and factory debris, internal temperature monitors turn on the cooling fan only when required. This feature also maintains a constant operating temperature within the generator.
  • Large LCD display provides user friendly programming of option.
  • Modular Design allows Hot Swapping of Generator Modules without removing transducer connectors.
  • Standard Frequencies from 20 kHz to 40 kHz.
  • Power modules from 300 W to 3000 W.
Compatible with the following transducers and reactors:

  • Most Standard Cleaning systems
  • Adaptable to most Welding Transducers
  • Push-Pull Transducer
  • Sonopush Mono Transducer
  • Flow-Through Tube Reactor with Sonopush Mono Transducer

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