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Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions

Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions

Active Ultrasonics offers a wide range of components and solutions for ultrasonic cleaning in a liquid bath or special reactor cleaning applications.  System solutions may be grouped as follows:

High Volumetric Power Systems and Standard Baths: Such systems are used when it is important to deliver uniform and homogenous ultrasonic energy over a large surface as found in standard bath systems. Using transducer elements with a large radiating surface the power density is usually on the order of 0.5 to 2 Watts per square centimeter. Such power is providing very good cavitation effects and uniform power distribution throughout the liquid bath or special cleaning chamber.

Through the use of plate mount transducers, submersible box transducers, tubular arrays, or a single-transducer with an integrated resonating bar or tube, we can provide standard bath systems or custom solutions that adapt to an existing cleaning process. We offer both fixed frequency systems and wideband frequency systems using our unique MMM technology.

Advantages of our wideband MMM technology include:

  • Uniform distribution of ultrasonic energy throughout the bath.
  • Wideband frequency modulations create a wide range of cavitation bubble sizes offering faster and more thorough cleaning of parts.
  • Complex MMM modulations eliminate standing waves to improve parts cleaning and reduce damaging hot cavitation zones.
  • Reduction of standing waves reduces transducer pitting and extends operational life.
  • Faster liquid conditioning and degassing of fresh cleaning solutions.
  • Adjustable inductive compensation, available on OEM modules, allows simple adaptability to 3rd party transducers and the possibility for field upgrades to existing systems.
  • MMM generators can drive multiple high amplitude clamp-on transducers to make unique radial cleaning chambers of any diameter or length.

Bench Top Bath

Submersible Box

Plate Array

Bar Transducer

Flow Thru Clamp

High Surface Power Systems are available for ultrasonic cleaning applications where it is desirable to deliver extreme or high ultrasonic power to a focused area. Probes may be designed to deliver maximum acoustic power to the tip face where amplitudes are greatest or we can offer probes providing a combination of radial energy along the sides of the probe in addition to high axial power at the end tip face. Probe tip surface power density can be in the range of 10 w/cm2 to hundreds of w/cm2. This high power ultrasonic energy from the probe tip gives the added benefit of strong acoustic streaming that is directed outward in a straight tight pattern. Advantages in cleaning applications include:

  • Intense acoustical pressure at the probe tip generates a combination of ultrasonic cavitation plus strong mixing and streaming liquid currents.
  • The strong acoustic streaming energy helps to break apart large flocks and surface contaminants allowing the combined cavitation to further act on smaller particles and exposed surfaces.
  • Strong acoustic streaming allows cleaning of problematic parts with very small holes or cavities. Gas bubbles trapped in small holes prevent entry of cleaning solution and hinder cleaning. Normal ultrasonics baths that rely only on cavitation may not drive air bubbles from small and long holes. Strong acoustic streaming acts to drive the air bubbles from the void allowing the cleaning solution to enter.

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