Active Ultrasonic


Innovative & Unique Ultrasonic Solutions

Active Ultrasonics is a leading source of new and innovative technologies.

We supply high power ultrasonics equipment, process R&D, component development, and systems integration.

Our products and components may be adapted for use in most any industry or application.

In addition to addressing conventional cleaning and welding applications we specialize in difficult or new applications.

See our ultrasonic applications page for more information on all of the following ultrasonically assisted applications:

Ultrasonic flow-thrugh chamber

(Multipurpose High Power Flow-Through Chamber)

ultrasonic flow-through pipe

(flow through pipe for liquid processing, food processing, liquid atomizing)

ultrasonic power probe

(Multipurpose High Power Probe)

We offer a complete and state-of-the-art line of components including:

  • Ultrasonic Generators / Power Supplies
  • A full line of assembled Transducers / Converters
  • Piezo-Electric Components
  • Booster elements
  • Custom Probes & Sonotrodes
  • Custom coupling assemblies
  • Assembled Baths and Chambers

These components and those detailed in our ultrasonic products pages, are available to industrial clients, laboratories, research clients, developers, systems integrators, and Other Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

bolted Langevin transducer

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