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Ultrasonic Extrusion and Drawing

Ultrasonic Extrusion and Drawing

  • Ultrasonic Plastic Extrusion
  • Ultrasonic Metal Extrusion
  • Ultrasonic Glass Extrusion
  • Ultrasonic Food Product Extrusion
  • Ultrasonic Tube Extrusion
  • Ultrasonic Profile Extrusion
  • Ultrasonic Wire Drawing
  • Ultrasonic Glass Drawing
  • Ultrasonic Fiber Optic Drawing
Active Ultrasonics offers the industry’s one and only effective solution for ultrasonically assisted extrusion and drawing applications. Our patented MMM ultrasonic generators have the unique ability to apply high power ultrasonic energy to large mechanical systems like extruder heads and drawing dies.

In these applications the key benefits to ultrasonic vibrations are:

  • Friction reduction between the tool and the extruded or drawn material
    • Improved Material Flow
    • Reduced Pressure
    • Faster Extrusion or Drawing
    • Less breakage in a drawing process improves production yield.
    • Improved surface quality of extruded or drawn material.
  • In some processes the material structural characteristics may improve.

The ability to implement such systems in production environments has been restricted due to limitations of conventional ultrasonic technology. Our MMM solution is a breakthrough in this regard and allows us to greatly expand and create new applications.

Key benefits to the MMM ultrasonic technology are:

  • Can stimulate wideband (sonic to megahertz) acoustic activity throughout the extruder head or die greatly improves the process.
  • MMM eliminates standing waves, the areas of low and high acoustic energy, as seen in fixed frequency systems.
  • MMM technology will effectively drive most any size tool or mechanical systems.
  • Wave-guides connecting the transducer to the tool can be extended up to 3 meters for very high heat environments or unusual applications requiring the transducer to be located away from the working tool.

(Example Plastic Extruder Head)

(Tube Extruder Die shown with dual driving transducers)

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