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Ultrasonic Cutting – Slicing – Knife

Ultrasonic Cutting, Slicing, & Knife

Active Ultrasonics has developed a new generation of ultrasonic cutting systems based on our MMM technology. These systems provide significant improvement over conventional solutions for applications requiring very wide and/or deep cutting blades. Our multimode generators combined with specially designed cutting sonotrodes are offering uniform distribution of ultrasonic energy across the entire blade face to reduce high amplitude damage and sticking during deep cuts. Technology advantages:

  • Wide cutting blade options
  • Extra deep cutting blades
  • Uniform ultrasonic energy across the blade surface allows reduction of amplitude for deep cuts resulting in less blade damage.
  • Uniform ultrasonic energy across the blade surface reduces material sticking during deep cuts.

We are providing all necessary ultrasonic components for a wide range of ultrasonic cutting applications.

  • Ultrasonic Generators
  • Transducers/Converters
  • Knife Blade Sonotrodes
    • Custom Sizes
    • Custom Designs based on Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
If you have an ultrasonic cutting application please contact us for details about how we can improve your systems.

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