Active Ultrasonic

Clamp-On Transducers

Clamp-On Transducer Assembly

For ultrasonic flow through material or food processing, inline pipe cleaning, cylindrical 360° internally radiating cleaning chamber, cylindrical 360° internally radiating reactor, internal or external liquid atomizing or powder making sonotrode.

A new method of in line ultrasonic processing for any material or food that requires mixing, liquid atomizing, powder making, or sonochemical reactions. Single or multiple transducers are connected to a wave guide or directly to custom clamps designed to fit nearly any size tube or pipe constructed of aluminum, stainless steel, or titanium. Our unique MMM technology offers a highly efficient transfer of ultrasonic energy to the metal pipe or tube. The pipe / tube becomes a radiating element allowing internal or external material treatment.

These assemblies will turn nearly any pipe constructed of aluminum, stainless steel, or titanium into a highly efficient ultrasonic bath or reactor. Longer pipe sections may be driven with multiple clamps powered by one or more MMM generators.

Key Features

  • MMM technology will drive most any pipe thickness (e.g. 1mm to 30mm) at high power.
  • May be designed for most any size pipe or tube.
  • Flexible system designs for any length of pipe.
  • Flow through design allows easy adaptation.
  • Long wave guides options allow for very high temperature applications.

Special Clamp Systems

  • Glass or Plastic Tube Chambers:
    • Using special interface materials and clamp designs we can apply ultrasonic energy directly to a glass tube for treatment of liquid  materials or chemicals.
    • Alternatively glass tubes may be submersed into a water filled stainless steel pipe system for indirect 360° ultrasonic treatment.

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